Welcome to the fenton chester ice Arena

The FENTON CHESTER ARENA is proud to be a community recreation center in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The Arena offers public skating, hockey leagues, figure skating clubs, high school hockey, and college hockey.

We invite you to join us in supporting winter recreation in the Kingdom.



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The following teams call Fenton Chester Arena home: Lyndon Institute Vikings, St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers, Lyndon State College Hornets, Lyndon Area Youth Hockey Red Wings, Caledonia Hockey Club, and Fenton Chester Skating School.

Private ice times may be reserved and special events such as weddings or parties can be scheduled during the off season in the summer months.  Fenton Chester is a great place for a birthday party!  Please email us at info@chesterarena.com or call (802) 626-9361 for more information.

News & Updates at the Ice aRENA

Annual Figure Skating Ice Show is scheduled for February 22, 2014 at 5:00 PM.  Please mark your calendar!

Take a break from reality and come enjoy a world of magic and fairytales. Watch skaters from the Fenton Chester Skating School from ages 2 to 30 perform in Fantasy Rhymes. This will be a show the whole family can enjoy! There will be songs from an array of artists, movies, and stories. We will have guest skaters from the Northeast Kingdom Skating Club; these are a great group of skaters and they’ll be competing at World’s in late July. Additionally, some very talented young to college-aged hockey players will be participating in these fantasies. Come show your support at Fenton Chester Ice Arena!


3rd Annual Co-Ed Hockey Tourney is scheduled for March 21 & 22.  Please notify the arena if you would like to participate.  Spots fill fast as this is a popular event!